Flat breads are becoming more and more popular these days. This recipe I make has a great combination of flavors. My girls love prosciutto. They can eat the entire package with fresh mozzarella and bread and that’s the best lunch or afternoon snack for them. I find it funny because prosciutto (a good quality one) is a pungent kind of meat because of the curing process. But it doesn’t surprise me since they really have a real love for food. I have been trying since they were little to feed them everything and to encourage them to try different kinds of foods. I used to trick them and make them believe that everything they ate was chicken. When the plate was empty and I asked them if they liked it they would reply “YES”! I would tell them then what it really was. Lol! Those “tricks” made me have two daughters that every Friday night now pick a restaurant to go out and eat. Their favorite choices: Indian Food, Sushi, Vietnamese or Thai. So…i think I will trick my next baby all over again! This country has a beautiful mix of amazing cultures and people and the fact that we can be exposed to them through their food it’s a great thing.
This recipe has very nice ingredients. I think the sweetness of the figs and balsamic glaze make it have a great balance. Just a few ingredients, 5 minutes prep and 15 minutes bake makes it even better. These are the ingredients you will need (depending of the size of the flat bread you use you will have to adjust your amount of ingredients):
I used 4 pieces of naan (the Indian pita bread) instead of flatbread
8 slices of prosciutto (thin sliced)
Fresh figs (or fig butter) I use both usually. I buy the figs and sliced them but I spread fig butter first on it. You can find fig butter at many supermarkets now. I got mine at whole foods.
4oz of goat cheese
Balsamic glaze and olive oil
Salt and pepper
Spread the fig butter on the flat bread, add the slices of prosciutto (I added 2 per flat bread), then place on top a few slices of figs, crumble some goat cheese on top. Bake it in the oven for 15 minutes (until the prosciutto starts getting crispy). Once you take it out of the oven add some seasoned arugula on top. (I mix the arugula in a bowl with salt, pepper and a splash of olive oil). After placing the arugula swirl balsamic glaze on top and serve. You can either buy the balsamic glaze now or you can just reduce balsamic vinegar at a very low heat until it becomes a glaze. I hope you enjoy this;)