Probably one of the best memories in my life is what my mom and grandma made for Christmas breakfast. It’s a little different in Peru. We have pannetone and homemade hot chocolate and that is probably still one of my favorites. I feel what makes it taste so good is the story or memories behind it. Every year since I’ve been living in the states I eat pannetone for most of December and my girls love it too. But for their Christmas breakfast they prefer Belgian waffles, french toast, eggs and homemade fries…lol!
This recipe is a twist of the regular french toast. In my opinion a lot more tastier (I’m not a huge fan of french toast because I find them a little plain) but if you think about fresh fruit, Nutella, dulce de leche and fresh spreads this recipe will be the winner on your table! No maple syrup needed…so filled of great flavors already ;)
For 8 rolls you will need:
8 pieces of white sandwich bread
Fruit of preference
Cream cheese
Fruit spreads
2 eggs
3 tbsp of milk
3/4 cup if sugar
1 tsp if cinnamon
Cut the crust of the white bread and press it thinner with a rolling pin. Add your filling of preference and spread then on one border for about 1 inch. Here are some great combinations:
Cream cheese and blueberry or strawberry
Nutella and fresh banana
Nutella and strawberry
Dulce de leche and fresh banana
Roll the bread around the filling. Pass it through the egg and milk mixture and put it on the flat skillet to brown it. As soon as you take it out roll them thru the sugar and cinnamon mix and serve them. Yum!