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A new sweet journey


My husband and I have been contemplating the idea of becoming beekeepers before we even bought this home. It’s just something so rewarding about the life style we live, raising chickens, having pets and trying to live and eat more healthy. Many people now are having more awareness of the foods they eat, where they come from and how they get processed. We usually tend to chose farmers markets over supermarkets, we go out to the country every weekend and stop at local farms and stands for fresh milk, cheese, meat and produce. I have to say it feels great to support local farms and to know you are getting the freshest products out there. Coming from another country I really didn’t have to worry about that growing up. Everything was as fresh as it gets. But now these days I have to make my children conscious of it. I explained to them about pollination and how much bees are needed in order for us to have fruits and vegetables. My girls right away answered: “Let’s do something about it”. That’s all my husband needed to hear to begin our new project:) He is ready to take a beekeeper course, he was reading the books, went all over online sites and finally woke up last Friday and took me with him for our new journey: being Beekeepers!
We went to get our bee hive and ordered our little black and yellow friends that will arrive early Spring. We have a lot of work to do to prepare for it but we are happy to share the great news! I will post some of our new adventures and of course any honey involved recipes, beeswax candle instructions and ideas. We are BEEyond excited!


  1. Thank you very much for stopping by and taking the time to write something so sweet. I really appreciate it. Keep following!!!

  2. Look forward to meeting you guys Sunday and learning about hives!

    Bill Rutter

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