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Spool your Christmas List…


Christmas is a great time to start new family traditions for memories that will last a lifetime. My husband and I started few years ago with the idea of getting a thoughtful ornament for each member of our family. Something we were into that year, something we got accomplished, something we loved. We unwrap those ornaments the day we bring our tree home to decorate. It is so great to remember as the years pass by the meaning of each piece we hung. This year I thought it will be nice to write the Christmas list to Santa on a spool and  use it as an ornament to hang. Can you imagine when I show my girls 10 years from now the Christmas list they wrote?
The girls got involved in this cute idea and as you see in the pictures they had fun and it was so easy to make. If you like the spool, this is what you need:
A wooden spool (I found mine online but I saw them at craft stores like Michaels)
Ribbon or rustic rope (I used rustic burlap ribbon on mine because my house has a farmy-rustic look)
Another color ribbon for contrast

I cut a regular piece of paper in 3 long wise and I tape them with invisible rolling tape (you can also use regular tape)
A tape one side to the middle of the spool and roll the paper and tied it for a little while so it will stay rolled. A passed the rustic ribbon through the hole in the middle of the spool and tied it. For contrast I out a velvet red ribbon on top where you hang it. With markers the girls wrote their Christmas list. Remember to write down the year :)


  1. I don’t know how you can be so creative! great topic. I need to spend some time learning more. Thanks for excellent information.

  2. Such a cute idea!

  3. Great idea!!!!

  4. very cute!!!

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