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Scampi Dip…warning: you won’t put your toast down!

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A New Year filled with delicious recipes

imageHappy New Year all! I wish all of you that follow this blog a prosperous 2015. I hope you keep following this year :) I am ready to keep posting new recipes and ideas and have  fun with them.

Winter is here and we can definitely feel it. My husband and I took the kids yesterday for a ride to the beach and we ended up at the Brickwall Tavern in Asbury Park (not many places open on January 1st) but we definitely had a great time. I have to say that I’ve been eating out more than usual this past month. During holidays season we always find a reason to celebrate, right? What I haven’t found is a new selection of soups at the restaurants. Always the french onion, some kind of chicken soup and if it was a seafood restaurant probably a lobster bisque and/or the regular New England or Manhattan Clams. Winter calls for nice hearty soups but with a little change sometimes, don’t you think?  My dear girlfriend Ilona asked me to post soup recipes as well so I think it is a great idea.

You will get 2 of my favorite soups on the next 2 posts: White bean and kale soup and Crab and Corn Chowder.  If you have any requests for other recipes please feel free to leave me a message. Hope you like them as much as I do :)

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